How to Improve Your Marriage with Real One on One Conversation

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The number of electronic gadgets that people own and use these days is all but destroying how people communicate with each other on a daily basis. There is no need to ask anyone for directions because the navigational system will get you there. Telephones that can connect to the internet keep people busy and distracted. Earphones cancel out all other noises, including voices.


There is nothing wrong with streaming entertainment, checking Email, keeping on touch via social media, playing video games, or even selecting a fantasy football team, if these activities are done in moderation. Spending time with people does not mean being in the same room together while everyone continues to text on cell phones, play video games, or search for a movie on the streaming service.

Set Aside Quiet Time

The best way to feel a sense of closeness with a partner is to unplug all devices for at least a few hours. Go for a walk together to avoid interruptions and engage in a deep conversation. So often a conversation consists of the following:

How are you?

Fine, how was your day?

Same as yesterday.

What do you want for dinner?



Most of the time neither party looks up from the tablet or the laptop. That is not real communication under any circumstances. Turn things off, put the phones on silent, and just talk to each other during dinner. Sit at the table instead of eating in front of that sixty-inch flat screen television.

At SpaBerry we have taken this very seriously and in fact, it’s part of the reason we created the SB 6 2-person personal luxury spa.  If you have ever owned a hot tub I don’t have to tell you how amazing it is to spend time communicating with the person you love one on one outside under the stars on a warm summer night or in the dead of winter.

Living with a Stranger?

After a short while no one has any idea what the other person is thinking or feeling. Days, weeks, and months can go by like that until people begin to feel like they are living with a stranger. That is a significant reality check that should not be ignored. People drift apart and have no idea how to bridge the gap.

Start talking to each other again. There is no big secret to staying close. Before spending a small fortune on couple’s therapy, schedule a spa date with your partner a few nights a week. Set up towels and bath robes and attempt to Improve your marriage with real one on one conversation.

at therapy for couples, attempt to Improve your marriage with real one on one conversation. Get past the small talk and make a point of doing that more often and just see what happens. The result may surprise both of you.

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