How To Reduce Stress Through Hydrotherapy

Individuals everywhere are looking for ways to combat the stress of everyday life. Whatever their type of stress, whether it is work stress, family stress, or personal stress, effective methods of relief are highly sought after. Individuals still looking for a method that works best for them may benefit from looking into hydrotherapy.

What Is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy sometimes referred to as aquatic therapy is a therapeutic practice which can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and which uses the properties and benefits of water to improve individual health. As an umbrella term, hydrotherapy may describe a number of different practices ranging from saunas, home baths, hot tubs, and more. Water is a uniquely versatile therapeutic substance as it is not only a fundamental life-giving substance, but also able to exist as either a fluid, a solid, or as a vapor. This allows for a wide variety of therapeutic techniques which in turn addresses a broad range of health concerns.

The Benefits of Hydrotherapy:

The applications of hydrotherapy have grown over the years as medical communities have grown increasingly aware of its health benefits. Hydrotherapy is used as a medication-free method of pain relief for a broad range of patients, as well as a means of increasing the body’s circulation, range of motion, and overall balance. Though frequently prescribed to patients with sports injuries and elderly patients who require a low-impact exercise regimen, its success as a method of stress relief has seen an increase in popularity as well.  More and more people are turning to hot water therapy in the form of a hot tub or personal luxury spa.

Hot Tub and Spa Ownership:

In the past, you would have to shell out over ten thousand dollars to get a good hot tub and today those same hot tubs are going for twelve to fifteen thousand dollars.  You can get a lot of gym memberships for that money or even more visits to your local rec center.  At SpaBerry we seen this as an opportunity to fill a big heaping whole in the marketplace.  For almost a decade now we’ve been serving an ever-growing market of people looking for stress relief, pain relief and just more relaxation without breaking the bank.

We asked ourselves how we could build a 2-person luxury hot tub of the same quality, fit and finish as a $16,000 8-person hot tub (which only 2 people use most the time anyway) and sell it for half the price?  We wanted to be way under $10,000 and have it as portable as possible, easy to use and most importantly built for one or two people.

How Hydrotherapy Relieves Stress:

Stress, though thought of as merely mental or emotional, has a physical effect on the body, this effect is often referred to as the stress response. During the stress response, a person experiences a spike in blood pressure and increased muscular tension. These responses frequently result in tension headaches, poor circulation, and an increase in fatigue. Hydrotherapy methods serve to reverse the stress response in the body, returning the individual to a state of relaxation. Furthermore, hydrotherapy works quickly, with many people reporting lower blood pressure within the first five minutes of treatment. The more an individual partakes in the therapy the more benefits they are likely to reap, such as an increased resistance to fatigue and a stronger immune system.

A simple Google search of “How to reduce stress through hydrotherapy” will yield a broad range of options to help relieve stress for every individual and lifestyle.