Learn How to Reduce Tendinitis Pain with Hydrotherapy

There is a great deal of focus today on finding pain relief that does not rely on OTC or prescription drugs. One of the biggest benefits of natural pain relief is that some methods can actually help people to become stronger and healthier than they were before they were injured. Hydrotherapy is a great example of a natural pain relief method that can help to boost overall health.

With busy lifestyles, most people don’t have time to go down to their local rec center or join a class to get access to a hot tub or a pool. So, the logical choice is to purchase a hot tub or put in a swimming pool. The challenge is swimming pool and large hot tub prices have gone through the roof.

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Here is a How to reduce tendinitis pain with hydrotherapy.

What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a treatment method where people perform exercises related to their specific condition in a heated pool. The warmth of the water makes it possible for the patient to relax and the buoyancy of the water eliminates any stress on the joints. It often makes exercise possible for people that are unable to move comfortably on their own.  We all know how it feels when your body is sore and you jump into a hot bath.  It feels amazing on your body.  Almost instantly your pain starts to dissipate. The challenge is the bath water gets cool fast. When you’re in a hot tub you have a consistent temperature that will stay hot. It allows you to have a long hot soak mixed with our berry massage. In just 15 minutes you will feel completely refreshed.

What is tendinitis?

Tendinitis is a condition where an inflamed tendon is causing pain. When someone is suffering from severe tendinitis they may be unable to perform basic daily tasks. The condition is caused by repetitive movements. For example, tendinitis from typing may cause wrist pain or pain in the joints of the hands.

How does hydrotherapy help relieve tendinitis?

There are many ways that hydrotherapy can help to relieve both the pain and the inflammation caused by tendinitis. The warm water helps to boost circulation, reduce swelling and increase joint mobility. It helps boosts endorphin levels and makes people have more energy and suffer less from depression. If you really want to take it to the next level exercise also strengthens the muscles and helps you to lose weight. In a SpaBerry it’s made for you to wind down and relax.. You’ll have to head to the local pool for the exercise part:)

Are there any potential side effects to this method?

Unfortunately, there are some circumstances where hydrotherapy is not recommended. Anyone with severe high blood pressure or heart disease may be at risk of exacerbating their condition while exercising in a heated pool. It is also suggested that anyone with cancer, kidney problems or other serious illnesses discuss the therapy with their doctor before beginning any program.

Many tendinitis sufferers could finally be free of shoulder or arm pain or discomfort in any other joint by using hydrotherapy. All it takes is access to a heated pool and the willingness to put in the effort. Therapists that offer these types of services have pools, harnesses and other safety equipment to assist patients with even the most severe mobility issues.

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