Yes It’s Possible To Get Mental Therapy From A Hot Tub

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In the last few decades residential hot tubs have become almost as common as swimming pools. Some owners consider the water features part of entertainment areas. Others use them as personal getaways where they can hide from everyday hustle and bustle. However, the majority get Mental Therapy From A Hot Tub. That is possible because the warm, bubbling mini-pools increase well being, induce sound sleep and relieve the stress and misery caused by pain.

Water Therapy Enhances Overall Well Being

A hot tub offers a variety of benefits that can improve mental and emotional health, which are closely tied to physical well being. In fact, the word spa is actually an acronym for the phrase, “salus per aquam”. That is Latin and translates into, “health from water”. The warm water in a hot tub aids circulation. It lowers blood pressure but increases the heart rate as users de stress. Allergy sufferers often rely on the steamy water to clear sinuses, which relieves headaches, improves moods and makes it easier to think. As users relax and decompress in the bubbling waters their overall well being and mental outlook improves.

Hot Tubs Can Improve Sleep

Both medical doctors and holistic healers recommend water therapy as a “clear your mind” therapy that leads to healing sleep. Sound sleep is essential to good mental health, yet many people have trouble relaxing after a busy day. They often find a solution once they begin to unwind in a hot tub before going to bed. During this spa experience body temperature increases, stress drains away and the mind relaxes, which naturally leads to restful sleep.

Relaxing in Warm Water Relieves Pain

Hot tub therapy also relieves the pain that can negatively affect moods and thinking. As a product advertisement once stated, “It’s hard to be happy when you hurt.” The soothing waters in a hot tub ease the aches of arthritis, muscle pain and stiffness. The combination of warmth and vascular dilation relieve tension headaches. In fact, hot tubs are such effective health aids that they qualify owners for tax credits when prescribed by professionals.

Although residential hot tubs are often considered luxury entertainment features, their warm circulating water offers mental, physical and emotional health benefits. Spending time in a hot tub relieves stress and pain and makes it easier to get healing sleep…especially when its a SpaBerry:-)




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